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  1. SEO experts help drive more organic traffic to your website by improving your search engine ranking. Organic traffic is defined as the traffic coming to your website from a search engine via a non-paid advertisement.

  2. Prospective buyers are more likely to click on links that appear on the first page of search engine results

  3. SEO experts are costly, but they offer a high return on investment for their effective strategies

Should Your Business Hire an SEO Expert?

It’s a highly debated question in the business community & It’s important to remember that not all web designers are SEO experts. SEO is a craft that takes years in the marketing business to perfect.

People are more likely to click the first, second or third result in a Google search than any other, and if you’re not on the first page, you’re lost.

The top 3 rankings are referred to in the SEO world as the three-pack. According to a study by Ignite Visibility, the first search result gets nearly 45% of all clicks. The first three results combined to get 60% of clicks, and results on the first page get 89%.

You’re probably asking yourself, how does one get on that first page? Through good search engine optimization (SEO) practices. The fundamentals of good SEO are relatively easy to grasp, but it takes a lot of experience and expertise to be a master.

There are plenty of resources to support your SEO efforts, though many of them are free, including courses and tools. You can also hire an outside expert like Ian Turner Digital.

It’s a question that has plagued many business owners. An SEO expert may not seem quite as essential to the ongoing operations of your business as, for example, an accountant or a lawyer, and the consequences of SEO mistakes are not quite as serious as tax or legal mistakes.

After all, no one goes to jail for bad SEO practices. Still, plenty of businesses lose revenue because of them. If your SEO needs are beyond what you can teach yourself or manage with beginner-level SEO tools, you may want to tap into outside help.

Can You Really Do It Yourself?

Budgeting often requires tough decisions. Many of these decisions begin with asking, “Do we really need this?” SEO may be one of the first places you’d think to cut corners.

Given enough time, depending on their marketing chops, a business owner can learn to conduct their own SEO at a somewhat functional level. Of course, the time you dedicate has to come from somewhere.

Learning good SEO practices will cost you in time, even if it’s not a line item in your marketing budget. The field is constantly shifting, as Google regularly releases new algorithmic shifts that can affect the generally accepted best practices, so there might be much more to it than you thought.

As search engines have become more nuanced, they’ve also become harder to fool or game. That means good SEO requires far more than the clever use of keywords. Plus, if you’ve already deprioritized SEO within your budget, you may not make it a high priority as a personal education project either.

Thus, deciding to handle SEO yourself can easily morph into not handling it at all. Some businesses don’t necessarily have to worry about SEO. However, if you are an exclusively online business or generate the majority of your sales and leads online, you should focus on SEO.

Or, if you’re in a crowded field in a populous area, you should consider best SEO practices to help people find you. A better ranking in search results is essentially free advertising.

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